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标题: [稀缺原版] [法国] 寡妇的抢手玩具 Veuves en chaleur (1978) (MP4/911MB) [打印本页]

作者: Michael    时间: 2017-1-11 23:16     标题: [法国] 寡妇的抢手玩具 Veuves en chaleur (1978) (MP4/911MB)

電影名稱:寡妇的抢手玩具 Veuves en chaleur (1978)
電影演員:Marie-Dominique Cabanne, Karine Gambier, Agnes Lemercier (as Jenny Feeling), Richard Lemieuvre, Emmanuelle Pareze
電影時長:81 分鐘

預覽簡介:Olivier goes to console the widow of a friend and strikes lucky.

He then looks up death notices in the newspaper and makes a pleasant pastime of it.

Widow 1 is Valerie Martin's, playing a character that sounds like "Madame Dominique Bouvier".

Widow 2 is Emmannuelle Pareze "Madame de la Bouverie"(sounds like) who has a redheaded maid called "Antoinettte".b/g with Madame turns to a threesoem then a g/g with strap-on.

Widow 3 turns out to be old and gray and he flees.

Widow 4 is a brunette. This must be Jenny Feeling.

Widow 5 is Marion Schultz.

Widow 6 is Karine Gambier who has an older maid "Julie" (Marie-Dominique Cabanne) and a girlfriend, Diane, naked in her bed. During the resulting foursome another woman comes in and leads Olivier off to view the 'corpse' (Richard Lemieuvre) who pretends to be resurrected by a blowjob while Olivier takes her from behind.

"Widow" 7 turns out to be an ugly man in drag and Olivier flees again.

Then Olivier visits his friend Alain who is pretending to be a widower and has two girls cleaning his apartment. One is Diane Dubois. Another female arrives to console Alain (Daniele Troeger). Meanwhile Olivier pretends to be the grief stricken brother-in-law and is consoled by the first two girls. The two sex scenes merge into an orgy.
As the end credits roll Nicole Natte arrives and knocks on the door.


作者: 永恒的菜鸟    时间: 2017-1-12 07:12

把抢手看成手枪了 谢分享
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